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Friday, June 27, 2014

Face Makeup | Basics Of Face Makeup Tips And Tricks


Face Makeup | Basics Of Face Makeup Tips And Tricks

Watch below video to get face makeup tips and provide your tips to improve further 

You look in the mirror at least every day, but how often do you consider the shape of your face? The natural contours of your bone structure featuring a map for how to apply makeup, so that you see the best. When you know the shape of your face, you can apply the foundation, powder or blush and play with the highlight or bronze to highlight the planes and angles that make each face unique, so fascinating.

The "face wash" effect is in fashion and is a recurring trend on the international catwalks, especially for spring-summer. It is a hit in makeup 'hit'. If you resort to it, appear to have not gone through the miracle of brushes, paint brushes and shadows, because the impression is that you are not made ​​up. Undoubtedly, it is a trick that swept the 'celebrities'. It is a very simple technique and perfect for those days that require little makeup but in a pouting rises and needs fixing.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial For Small Eyes


Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial For Small Eyes 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Makeup Tips And Tricks For Applying Eyeliner


Makeup Tips And Tricks For Applying Eyeliner

The eyeliner is one of the oldest instruments used by women to highlight eyes , not surprisingly gives an unmistakable feminine touch full of sensuality .

Able to change the shape of the eyes and therefore the entire facial appearance, lined with eyeliner requires technique and practice, so do not despair if you do not get to first , but worth learning and there are products that it may be easier to get .

Throughout the history of makeup eyeliner has its own fit woman icons such as Marilyn Monroe , Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, or the famous Pin -up 50's , today reflected in such diverse styles as Dita von Teese and Katy Perry.

Eyeliners depending on their texture -  Pencil - is offering a less durable result, but is more appropriate for beginners as it offers greater security in the stroke. The eyeliner pencil also allows diffused .

Kohl - although many presume to offer eyeliner kohl results actually true Kohl is based on ground galena that when mixed with water should be applied to the eye (inside and out) with a rustic wooden instrument . Although it may be archaic, the result is intense and unmistakable.

Liquid - is perhaps the most popular format, but also the greater skill required, since the pulse is essential for the perfect finish . They usually come in brush pen format or format , the latter being most appropriate for less experienced users .

Gel liner - (cream ) finish is more definite than the pen but less than liquid eyeliner . Its texture makes application much easier because they have no leak, as in the case of liquids. They usually come in small boxes and are always applied with a brush. They are also suitable for smoky effects.

Cake ( in pill form ) are more like eye shadows because they have a powdery texture and a similar packaging. But really what it is mixed with water to achieve the desired density and apply it with a brush on the eyelid. This type of eyeliner is best suited for professional makeup artists .

Some types of eyeliner makeup - 

Outlined square- the most sober of all complete and involves the application of eyeliner leaving no corner , flush with the end of the eye. It is a way to highlight and large round eyes.

Cat- eye -  the delineated " cat eyes " was a trend in the 50s who returns to the current makeup with vintage spirit or revival . Consists thicken and lengthen the eyelid eyeliner from the outer corner of the eye by drawing a diagonal to the rim . The more vertical, more daring. It is preferred by celebrities like Lana del Rey or the now defunct Winhouse Amy , who wore this look to the end effect.

Egyptian Eyeliner - Also known as " Cleopatra " , as the Egyptian queen look that looked in his eyes. It is therefore draw the eye upwards and downwards framing completely and matching the outline of the tear tip and ending in an elongated horizontal corner of a certain thickness to the outside of the eye.

Brushes eyeliner - Finally, to apply eyeliner brushes have professionals that will facilitate the implementation of the stroke. Thus , the typical eyeliner brush is very thin and hard to give an exact hair. We may also use a beveled brush or straight cut ( with short, hard hairs ) that allow us to draw lines more easily.

Tips for perfect eyeliner delineated - You can start outlining a khol pencil type soft tip and intense color, with which you can easily correct mistakes and remove excess with a cotton swab . Then just go over it with gel or liquid eyeliner to fix it and get a more accurate finish.

Performs delineated small strokes and gradually sees them together , it is much easier than trying to do it in one stroke .

Always start with a very thin line and stuck to the lashes and go engros├índola slowly , it should start at the center of the eye outwards and complete the internal area of ​​the eye after looking down or pulling the end of the eye to tighten skin and the line does not get in the folds .

Do not forget to fill in the little holes close to the lashes so that the result is intense and marked.

Other tips : best small eyelids fine lines, as in large eyelids wider lines better . For eyes together much better mark the difference in thickness in the outline , from less to more, less in the tear and in the corner of the eye But in separate eyes is preferable to maintain a balance in line width and shorten the corner .

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Makeup Tips and Tricks For Hazel Eyes


Makeup Tips and Tricks For Hazel Eyes

The origins of hazel are still a mystery to geneticists , but to make the best shadows highlight are no secret and given you more top colors .

A variety of eye colors , but the hazel are special because they are not the most common. We know that finding makeup tricks that combine well with your eye color is not easy , but you no need to worry, because we've compiled a many makeup tips for hazel eyes

If you want to highlight your eye color , you can not go wrong with bright colors cauldron , chocolate , dark gold , bone and green . I love Chanel D' Ombre 4 shimmering shades . During the day , I suggest using a green or brown wash over the eyelids and to give more light, use shades of gold in the inner corners of the eyes and eyelids centers .

Shadows and eyeliner brown earth - Warm, neutral tones that enhance the richness of hazel . Play apply the darker brown from the outside of the lid and put nude touches on the inner corners . To create more depth , defined eyes with a brown eyeliner pencil or brown eyes. I love the brown in gold is not as strong as black , but get out your eyes .

Shadows in warm greens - Use any green in your eyes , especially soft tones or new army green. Apply to the eyelid , eyelashes highlighted with a darker and Kelly green and outlines with a pen like YSL Eye Pencil by Number 5 .

Bright Gold - One of the shades of colors most suitable for hazel eyes is the golden eyes , but not just any gold ,bright one This makeup trick works because it lights up your look and highlight the color of your eyes . Try it .

Shadows and golden bronzes - These colors give golden highlights to your look . Applies golden shadows in the corners of the eyes or in the center of the eyelids, give a touch of light or blur and get more ethereal effect

Eggplant Shadows - Another way to enhance the hazel is playing with opposite colors such as purple , which provides a great contrast to the hazelnut , it is also great for a smoky eyes make . I like the color of dark eggplant shade eyes YSL , use it all over the lid and under the lower lashes.

Avoid Blue and Gray - Some colors of eye shadow you should avoid are blue and gray. The only reason is that these colors turn off your look, in addition to not make them shine .

Greens - Shades of green eyes or even green eyeliners are great for this eye color, as it will help to highlight the small green tones you may have on your eyes. You can apply yourself green eye shadow with a hint of shimmer .

Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 Makeup Tips For Photographs Or Photo Shoot


10 Makeup Tips For Photographs Or Photo Shoot

Makeup for photography is very different from the makeup that we use daily and that what we seek is often hide flaws and accentuate features, as the final result with a natural makeup will not be the same with a much more ornate makeup.

We must consider whether the picture will be with flash, because it reacts differently on the skin, not if you've seen pictures of women apply eye concealer much lighter than your skin tone and it seems that been applied white shadow around the eyes and really does not look good. For this reason today I give tips and makeup tips for photography, so you always look beautiful.

Furthermore, this type of makeup also works for people who need urgent treatment to hide redness on the skin, or imperfections that are noted too. It is advisable not to use this photograph makeup daily but for special events.

Makeup Tips for photographs - You must thoroughly clean your face before applying makeup, thereby removing all traces of makeup and impurities. You can clean your face with a cleansing milk, gel or product that you like, remember to remove the product very well so there are no marks on the skin to prevent elmaquillaje photo lies evenly distributed.

You should apply a moisturizer, but remember that it must be suitable for your skin type and you do not want the makeup to oxidize or run with the passing hours. The addition of nourishing moisturizer helps your skin make-up or slide extends more easily into the skin and make it much more attached to it.

NOT apply sunscreen or products containing as this makes it much reflects the camera flash and you'll look like if you had a white mask.

You must choose a foundation for your exact skin tone, or a darker shade, to avoid leaving white areas on the face that look much in pictures. You should apply liquid foundation evenly trying to entire face and neck have product, if you see that does not cover completely, you should let it dry and apply a second base layer but not too much and slide all over the skin, giving gentle tapping to make it in all the pores and imperfections.

You should apply concealer on dark circles and areas that require, but remember not to be too white because it reflects a lot in photography. Blend the concealer so that there is difference between foundation and concealer. You can also refine your face with darker tones to your skin, but remember to be containing no red tones. You can apply on the cheeks, nose and chin in the picture to look much better.

Now apply powder preferably the same color of your skin or a darker shade, you can use translucent powder, as these help the brightness does not appear and reflected like a mirror in the photograph. Remember to apply evenly to entire face and neck.

Now you begin to apply your shadows ojossi you wear, remember that photography make-up much more than you should apply for daily makeup. It also applies eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and attractive. Remember also fill your eyebrows areas that may be lacking in vellitos, you can do with shadows or eyeliner tone of your hair.

Apply a little blush or blush on the cheeks, but remember not to apply too much of it because you will feel very red.

Apply plenty of mascara or mascara and if you want you can also put you false eyelashes so that your eyes are much more striking.

And finally apply gloss on your lips, remember to keep it in pinks and very clear color ever since in the photo will appear as if you had no mouth.


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